Boombox M – Limited Edition

This package includes the original Dolby Surround recording (DVD), a fold-out catalogue/poster and a limited edition of seven numbered photos of Boombox M – a Ritsche, Zast & Marien installation at Galerie M in Berlin 2010. The photos (10×15cm) show some rooms and painted objects inside the Ringkolonnaden, an abandoned shopping center in Berlin where the sessions for Boombox M took place

Price: 39€

DVD “Ritsche & Zast feat. Marien”

Introducing drummer Christian Marien, this second DVD project features 3 main movies as well as bonus material. As a special guest dancer Kadir ‘Amigo’ Memis (Flying Steps) can be seen on ‘Some People Like to Play’, an improvised performance in some of Berlins subway stations.

Price: 19€ plus shipping

DVD “Ritsche & Zast”

DVD Ritsche&Zast

Ritsche&Zast’s debut DVD consists of 6 short movies. The locations vary from a subway station to a former lawyer’s office. There are several guest appearances, like Christian Marien’s (drums), and also others at the movie ‘Rodeo’: a live performance with video projections.

Price: 19€ plus shipping